Strategy & Design

We would anticipate that the design process will cover many different aspects of creating initially a Future Centre strategy and then an implementation plan. Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive, we would expect the strategy to include the following elements:

  • Organisational positioning – we would bring in experience and advice on models for positioning a Future Centre within an existing organisational structure.
  • Objectives – we would develop appropriate methods for measuring and reporting impact, outcomes and successes.
  • Physical Assets – we would advise on appropriate infrastructure, environment, technology, workshop material and consumables required for the successful continued operation of a Future Centre.
  • People resources – we would provide input to the assessment and selection of the various roles within a Future Centre, including management, facilitation, support and administration, as well as involvement in ongoing performance measurement and development.
  • Processes and methods – we would bring in knowledge and skills covering areas such as innovation project management, creativity, new product development, innovation, change management, team development, coaching and customer relationship building.
  • Operational elements – we would provide input and advice on the following areas which we would consider to be critical to the successful delivery of a Future Centre service, and should therefore be given special consideration within the strategy:
    • Client relationship management
    • Event booking processes
    • Client consultation
    • Facilitator selection
    • Event design, costing and contracting
    • Event delivery
    • Client feedback
    • Operational Learning Reviews

Only after thinking through the strategy would we embark on creating an implementation plan, and by the very nature of Future Centres, there are no one-size-fits-all plans; but we would work with you to identify the best practical route to establishing and sustaining a Future Centre which will meet and exceed the requirements laid out in the strategy.