As part of a successful beginning to a new Future Centre initiative, or to support ongoing Future Centre activity, we regularly work with clients to offer our support in facilitating activities, events and workshops by:

  • Working with current client issues to explore and define desired workshop outcomes.
  • Designing events in collaboration with the client, stakeholders and prevailing culture.
  • Delivering workshops that meet or exceed clients’ needs and objectives.
  • Working on the conversion of outcomes into realistic and actionable plans.
  • Seeking feedback and developing new approaches to meet changing needs.
  • Building confidence in clients with tools and techniques that can be used beyond the Future Centre.

Future Centres UK use models and methodologies that can accommodate workshops from relatively simple co-operative workshop design to highly complex and emergent future work. Fundamental to the way we (and Future Centres themselves) work, is to comprehend and excel at all levels within a large and complex organisation. We have a wealth of experience to draw on, from operational front-line to board level workshops, drawn from a wide range of organisational contexts.