Capability Building

Future Centres UK brings expertise in the critical balance and management of both physical environment and psychological climate. The successful running of a Future Centre goes way beyond simply the physical space, and it is of utmost importance to develop the capabilities of the people involved in the running and delivery of Future Centre services and products.

We can design and deliver a capability development programme that would integrate with the strategic development of the Future Centre space itself. This could include:

  • Building a ‘resource pool’ for Future Centre facilitation, which can be applied both within the Future Centre and out into the wider organisation.
  • Establishing a development route for talent / high-potential individuals, to give them a grounding in innovation and facilitation skills before moving on to senior roles within the organisation.
  • Creating a ‘hothouse’ for new entrants (e.g. graduates), to expose them to a wide range of business issues and simultaneously equip them with the skills needed to manage and lead in a wider range of potential future roles.
  • ‘Scouting’ for internal potential talent for innovation facilitator development.
  • Delivery of a capability development programme that is tailored not only to the individual, but also to the purpose established in the strategy.

There would also be the option for several different accreditation and qualification routes for facilitation. Future Centres UK has its own internal accreditation scheme; a European Future Centre Facilitator Accreditation scheme is currently under development within the network of the Future Centre Alliance (which may become part of the International Association of Facilitators), and there are also opportunities to study at postgraduate level for a Masters degree in conjunction with Buffalo State University.

We propose a highly experiential programme that would be based on ‘live’ Future Centre experience with a strong focus on holistic feedback (coach, mentor, business client and participants). This would involve a staged and measurable approach, dependant on aspiration, ability, commitment and personal drive.