How do we work?

We believe that inside every organisation with which we work lies untapped innovative talent, lying dormant. One of the first steps in creating a successful and dynamic Future Centre is to identify those people and create a network of passionate, future-oriented individuals who will help drive and develop the initial thinking.

We can work with you to find those people and then focus their energy in order to create real value. By bringing in new perspectives, working with your business culture, and developing internal capability both implicitly and explicitly, we can ensure that you head out on the road to sustainable change. Our satisfaction comes from working with and developing great people.

Once you are clear on the purpose for your Future Centre, then we suggest you consider the following 3 critical areas:

  • People – who will work in the space and what will they need?
  • Process – what kinds of approaches or methodologies will best enable you to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for?
  • Environment – having worked out all of these, what kind of physical and psychological environment will support, enable and drive you towards what you want to achieve?