What is a Culture Scan?

These days you wouldn’t even think about setting off on a journey you’d never made before without GPS and satnav – or at least a map! And yet we embark on these kinds of journeys within organisations all the time. Our Culture Scan gives you access to a map of the invisible landscape within your team, department or organisation, allowing you to get a sense of the ‘intangibles’ – the values, beliefs and attitudes which, through experience, drive behaviour. Once you understand this landscape, any interventions or changes you want to make can be designed specifically to suit the environment in which they need to work, giving you a much greater chance of success.

Future Centres are often challenged with bringing about change in their host organisations. A deep understanding of the culture can give valuable insights to any team or individual involved in change. Without this knowledge, any path you choose to follow can be a gamble – just like planning your journey by following the car in front, hoping they know where you’re going!

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