Future Centres UK is a full service design, consultancy and managed services provider for Future Centres. Our clients have included Government departments (UK and European), academic institutions and large corporates. Here’s what some of our clients have said about using our approach to tackling a wide variety of business and organisational challenges…

“I first experienced The Lab [Royal Mail’s Future Centre] as a delegate on a Leadership event. As a result of that single event i changed my thinking about our business & my role. Since that initial workshop, i choose to make a difference for me & my team. I then engaged the Lab in an ‘impossible’ task to work with hardened front-line people to move mindsets & values of our people in a complex cultural move. They embraced this challenge with such vigour & dedication; we run on location mini workshops on all shifts (24/7). The results were astounding! we began to see levels of engagement that quite frankly were stunning. Their care & expertise was very sensitive and yet courageous. We were introduced to new ways of thinking with real passion for making the challenge we faced not only doable but engaging & enjoyable. The team provided excellent coaching that met & matched the senior management teams personal & business needs so empathically that many members of the team wanted to continue with this development above the project needs”

Andy Logan (Head of Mails Verifications, Royal Mail)

“We were very impressed with your creative expertise & your ability to quickly grasp our culture issues. We work a great deal with leading industry thinking & your team of excellent facilitators rapidly became orientated to our needs & objectives. As a result of the work with your team we were able to assess, diagnose & design a new approach to our performance management system that was new & effective, but more importantly it was successfully embedded. I would highly recommend your services to any organisation shaping the future”

Dr. David Wilkinson (Head of Professional Development, Cranfield University)

“Our session with the 3 corporate innovation teams of RWS [Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch Government Ministry for water and highways] was a great success. The facilities were perfectly suited to break this group of ultra-critical innovators from the Netherlands out of their complacency; moving them from an “I’ve seen it all before” attitude to an open and inquiring collective intelligence.  The key was the facilitators, who played perfectly to the participants’ explicit but – more importantly – implicit needs. Their skilful, obliging openness and relevant, to-the-point interventions created rest when things threatened to move too fast, depth where things looked shallow, and the right balance between play and ‘serious business’. The team were confident enough to respond positively to a request from the participants to run a part of the workshop in their native language. Even though none of the facilitation team actually spoke Dutch, they continued to work and interact with the team, moving things forward in a supportive way even when the only feedback they were getting from the group was tone and body language. This confidence and flexibility really made the group feel that they were in control and not simply being driven through a process. They made a deep impression on the 25 Dutch participants, and later served as exemplar and model for how facilitators in the RWS future centre LEF should work. Needless to say, the results made the visit to Innovation Lab well worth the trip over from Holland.”

Hank Kune (Director, Educore bv, The Netherlands)

“In 2006 Cranfield University launched a £2m scheme to support research into the servitization of manufacturing. This scheme, which brought together faculty from across four different schools in the University, was launched via two Ideas Factories both of which were held at The Innovation Lab and facilitated by the team. As Director of the research programme I worked closely with The Innovation Lab team to design the two Ideas Factories. I found the team extremely helpful, both in the planning stages and during the events themselves. Developing collaborative research proposals involving academics from different schools and backgrounds is notoriously difficult, and the design of the event and facilitation provided by the Innovation Lab Team were indispensable in breaking down barriers and generating some truly novel proposals. Their relaxed style and fluid approach meant that the group always felt at ease, with the time and space to explore each others areas of expertise yet at the same time confident in the knowledge that the event was being moved forward towards achieving the objective of creating research proposals which could be judged and funded. I would have no hesitation in using The Innovation Lab team again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to develop creative team based solutions to practical problems.”

Prof. Andy Neely (Director of Research, Cranfield University)

“Thank you for a really great day yesterday. The feedback from the team has been enthusiastic and I know they got as much from the day themselves as contributing to the business objectives. I enjoyed your facilitation style – nice light touch and always following the interest and needs of the group. You did a great job for us, thank you.”

L&D Professional, Finance Sector

“Your expertise in terms of your people is hard to find anywhere else.”

Marketing Director, Telecommunications Sector

“We produced so many ideas and I think I have found a new way to deal with a very difficult issue that will fundamentally change the way we think & operate.”

Head of Planning, Retail & Finance Sector

“The day was really successful and as well as covering the team building aspects I think we got some insight which will be really useful in planning the new strategy.”

Marketing Executive, National Charity